What gets in the way of loving-kindness?

When we see how loving-kindness (metta in the Pali language) makes all the difference in our lives and in our relationships, why is it sometimes so difficult to muster? Believing that metta is finiteWhen we practice sending metta we are activating our natural sense of generosity. This generosity comes in part from understanding the nature […]

Magical Moments of Mindfulness in the Middle of Everything

Throughout the day there are so many opportunities to practice coming fully into the present moment. Here are a few examples: Holding your cup of coffee or tea Watching a weather phenomenon arising and falling away Riding mass transit Waiting in line Walking anywhere Whether you meditate or not, you can still practice being present […]

Hey, hey, what’s that sound?

“The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend.” – Abraham Lincoln What noises irritate you? I was asked this question by a recent survey about ‘noise pollution’ so it brought up a lot of thoughts about our relationship with sound. In Mexico a local once told me that when you […]