Six Empower Questions

Only You Can Answer

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In her new book, Stephanie Noble offers the six key questions that transform confusion into clarity no matter where you are in your life. The book comes from years of teaching and helping people discover how to live with joy, meaning, and purpose.

“This book is a marvelous invitation into profound inner freedom, contentment, and peace. With simple questions, Stephanie Noble draws on her own depth of practice to guide readers home to the happiness and love that is their true nature. Informed by modern psychology and ancient wisdom, this is a beautiful book.”Rick Hanson, Ph.D., author of Resilient: How to Grow an Unshakable Core of Calm, Strength, and Happiness

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 A simple, profound gift to oneself
“Although a short book, Asking In is not to be read through cover to cover in one sitting. The six questions provide a beautifully-crafted guide for you to gain insight to your life’s journey. In its simplicity you can find clarity and deep wisdom and understanding of one’s self. It can be used daily to find your truth, ease, peace, and path. Stephanie provides the tools and it’s up to you to take it where you will. As Stephanie so aptly and succinctly states this book “is a rewarding healthy habit of a lifetime”. For me, it has revealed much that’s right in front of me that I don’t often see. It’s like cleaning the windshield to see more clearly and the comfort that brings. As simple and terrific as that.”

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Wonderful guide to inner journeying
“This book helped me learn more about myself and understand more clearly which of my values benefit my life and which ones do not. Self-reflection can sometimes be a hollow exercise, but this book brings a richness and depth to the practice of inner journeying that creates new experiences and insights each time I read it. I especially like the note-taking spaces because it demonstrates my growth and changes in a visible way.”

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Bought six for my friends who are open to learning
“I really enjoyed the insights Ms. Noble presents in her book. It definitely gave me ways to be more mindful in my pursuit of understanding about myself and the world. I ordered five more copies to send to my family and friends because I think it is an important topic.”

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A powerful guide for self exploration!
Asking In is a powerful, inspiring guide to self-exploration. I particularly appreciate its format that allows space for personal commentary on each question. I expect it is a book I will be reading over and over at different times in my life as the need arises.”

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Helpful in stressful times
“Clear, inviting questions to open your heart and mind. Well written and helpful in stressful times and calm times, too.”

An important book
“You can use this inspiring book as a workbook to investigate beneath the surface of everyday situations and feelings. I love how clear and well-organized it is and how each chapter includes episodes from Stephanie’s life elucidating the inquiry she is inviting us to pierce. Can’t afford a therapist? This book is the next best thing. It’s short but dense with helpful ideas and, yes, really essential questions to guide our exploration.”

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A succinct exploration guided by wisdom and compassion

“There are certainly thousands of books out there now on some combination of personal suffering, Buddhism, mindfulness and meditation. So many books, so little time—even in a pandemic, it seems. For me, Stephanie’s “Asking In” fills a unique niche in the genre. First, it’s succinct at 127 pages. She doesn’t beat around the bush with the historical or philosophical trappings of Buddhism; those can be fascinating, and she clearly knows those fields, but that’s not what this little book is about. It’s not a how-to-meditate guidebook, although there is a chapter at the end about getting started. Instead, this book is a pragmatic and compassionate guide to feeling better in your daily life, in your relationships and in the social fabric of our world.

“Stephanie Noble’s six questions—refined, she writes, through many years of self-inquiry, meditation practice and teaching meditation—are aimed at “any situation or quandary we may be in, and they prompt answers that free us to live joyfully with a sense of meaning and purpose.” They’re not one-off questions, but are designed to be used again and again as our days bring new challenges (which they will never stop doing as long as we live!). One I know I’ll use a lot is question #2: “What am I afraid of?” Stephanie explores the roots of fear, the collateral damage it causes in our relationships and creativity, and the well-being that arises from investigating and befriending our fears with kindness.

Asking In is kind of a workbook, actually, as there is space to write down your responses to the questions. I could see her turning this into a bona fide workbook, in a format with even more space to write. Also, a table of contents and index might make those return dives into the questions easier.

“Although Stephanie Noble isn’t a psychologist, for me at least, her insights have offered more “Aha!” moments than those of most of the (many) therapists I’ve spent money on over the years. She has an intuitive grasp of the human heart. In the chapter devoted to the question, “What are my gifts?,” Stephanie observes: “When we quiet down our busy lives and give our spacious attention to this moment, we may become aware of a quiet voice of infinite loving-kindness and wisdom. It has no sense of urgency. It never dictates. It simply offers guidance in the form of options.” With these words, Stephanie is actually describing her own compassionate and wise approach in this book.

A classic! As fresh and true as ever.

A Guide to Joyous Living

  • “Each page contains enlightening thoughts and questions that will engage your mind and spirit for many days.”     – Whole Life Times
  • “The ideas are presented in a clear and compassionate way, making them easy to understand and embrace…a book to be savored in small, nourishing meals.”
    The New Times, Seattle
  • “Stephanie Noble is one of those bright souls who shares her light with the world and makes it a more beautiful place.”  – Diane Dreher, author of The Tao of Inner Peace
  • Tapping the Wisdom Within will be helpful to many people.”
    – Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD, author of Love is Letting Go of Fear
  • Tapping the Wisdom Within has given me so much strength, knowledge, understanding, inspiration, and reassurance.” – L.M., a daily reader for over twenty years

$10.95 Published in 1994.
Tapping is currently available only from the author, contact Stephanie.