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In this ongoing series of dharma talk/blog posts, Stephanie offers the metaphor of veils woven of threads of thoughts. Students and blog readers have found it an extremely helpful way to be in skillful relationship with thoughts and emotions.
Here are links to the blog posts in the order they were presented:
Veils of perception :: Initial unveiling
Unveiling :: Where the mind goes
Unveiling :: Falling and other trauma veils
Unveiling :: Untangling a knot
Unveiling :: Awakening
Unveiling :: Cultivating Peace
Unveiling :: Letting go of limiting labels
Unveiling :: Shining the light of compassion
Unveiling :: Why such unfriendly skies?
Unveiling :: How to get out of rabbit holes
Unveiling :: Imagination and creativity
Unveiling :: Sensing the Earth Element
Unveiling :: Sensing the Water Element
Unveiling :: Sensing the Fire Element
Unveiling :: Sensing the Air Element
Unveiling :: Sensing the Space Element
Unveiling :: Sensing the Sixth Element
Unveiling :: Don’t turn away
Unveiling :: Cultivating embodied awareness
Unveiling :: When you feel you have leaky margins
Unveiling :: Thoughts of aging have you tied up in knots?
Unveiling :: The Discussion (follow up on aging)
Unveiling :: Weaving self-compassion
Unveiling :: Self-indulgence isn’t compassion
Unveiling :: Feeling trapped? (Five Hindrances)
Unveiling :: Is the veil metaphor really Buddhist?
Unveiling :: Coping with difficult people
Unveiling :: A Guided Meditation
Unveiling :: Cultivating Delight
Unveiling :: You don’t need fixing
Unveiling :: Cultivating a limitless heart
Unveiling :: The gift of simplicity
Unveiling :: A gift where we least expect it
Unveiling :: An audio guided experiential exercise
How to share a veil skillfully for better relationships
Exercise in exploring one of your veils
Face the ocean!
A woman’s awakening is never done
Unveiling the dharma :: a recorded talk at Marin Sangha
Forget minutes! Choose the moment