So much to be thankful for

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Thank you for voting!
Thank you for getting out the vote!
Thank you for supporting your candidates and the process!
Thank you for being patient as the votes were counted!

I feel so much gratitude! I don’t want to spoil this day by thinking about tomorrow.

Thank you for my meditation practice! It trained me to be fully present in this moment. How else would I have survived these past few days of waiting to hear the results?

This morning on hearing the official news I sent ‘Hallelujah!’ texts to a few people and then turned on some of my favorite dance music and rocked out with joy.

The lyrics were so spot-on:
Dancing in the Streets and naming cities in the U.S.
Uptown Funk, “Hallelujah, Saturday night!”
“I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it”

My husband was glad but not jubilant. Biden wasn’t his primary candidate of choice. Yeah, he wasn’t mine either. That said, he may prove to be just the right person for this particular job of #1 Being the president of all Americans, not just those that voted for him, #2 Being compassionate and a problem solver, #3 Using his experience of taking on Herculean tasks and getting them done, #4 Being a conciliator both across the aisle and across the borders and seas. There are a whole lot of ruffled feathers!!

And, hey, no small thing, we get the first woman VP and a Black woman at that!!! And super smart and funny too.

I know, I know, we won’t know until the Senate race is final whether it will be an uphill effort to meet the crises we face, the ones made by this administration and the ones made worse by it, or whether by some miracle we will be able to accomplish significant life-affirming change.

My heart goes out to those who are afraid of what this presidency might mean. I hope that this president makes you feel seen, heard, and respected in a way that your current president never made me and over 50 percent of the country feel. There have been many past presidents who didn’t agree with me, but none of them made me feel as completely leaderless as this one has. He does not consider anyone in a blue state to be his constituency. And, you have to admit, that’s scary! Our new president will be concerned for you as well as for me. In other words, a real president.

So hooray and hallelujah! I know the news caused many to cry with relief, to laugh out loud with joy, and maybe, like me, to dance!! So if you are moved to celebrate, enjoy while being safe!


Image by John Hain from Pixabay

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