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 A simple, profound gift to oneself
“Although a short book, Asking In is not to be read through cover to cover in one sitting. The six questions provide a beautifully-crafted guide for you to gain insight to your life’s journey. In its simplicity you can find clarity and deep wisdom and understanding of one’s self. It can be used daily to find your truth, ease, peace, and path. Stephanie provides the tools and it’s up to you to take it where you will. As Stephanie so aptly and succinctly states this book “is a rewarding healthy habit of a lifetime”. For me, it has revealed much that’s right in front of me that I don’t often see. It’s like cleaning the windshield to see more clearly and the comfort that brings. As simple and terrific as that.”

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Wonderful guide to inner journeying
“This book helped me learn more about myself and understand more clearly which of my values benefit my life and which ones do not. Self-reflection can sometimes be a hollow exercise, but this book brings a richness and depth to the practice of inner journeying that creates new experiences and insights each time I read it. I especially like the note-taking spaces because it demonstrates my growth and changes in a visible way.”

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Bought six for my friends who are open to learning
“I really enjoyed the insights Ms. Noble presents in her book. It definitely gave me ways to be more mindful in my pursuit of understanding about myself and the world. I ordered five more copies to send to my family and friends because I think it is an important topic.”

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A powerful guide for self exploration!
Asking In is a powerful, inspiring guide to self-exploration. I particularly appreciate its format that allows space for personal commentary on each question. I expect it is a book I will be reading over and over at different times in my life as the need arises.”

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Helpful in stressful times
“Clear, inviting questions to open your heart and mind. Well written and helpful in stressful times and calm times, too.”

Thank you to those who have written reviews, and thank you to those of you who are reading the book and intend to write one. If it already has meaning for you, you don’t have to wait to finish the book to write a review. It’s not a novel, and you are the co-author!
Amazon reviews make a big difference in gaining visibility for the book and trust in potential readers who don’t know me or my writing. So it is a form of generosity to people who might be helped by the book.

If you haven’t purchased the book, what’s holding you back?

“I don’t buy stuff on Amazon.”
I too prefer to support local businesses. However, this book is only available on Amazon, at least for now and the foreseeable future because it was published through Amazon’s publishing arm, kdp. It is available to be picked up by distributors who could then make it available to bookstores, but they won’t take an interest unless there are substantial sales and reviews. If you were to request the book at your favorite independent bookseller (where I buy my books, for sure!) they might order it for you as a customer courtesy, but they wouldn’t make any money. And it would be a roundabout way of ordering through Amazon.

Because of the nature of the publishing industry right now, unless an author already has a substantial following and preferably celebrity, editors don’t feel they can afford to gamble on a new voice. So, even though I am no fan of Amazon, it’s only possible to go a different route if this book is hugely successful and an independent publisher takes an interest. Meanwhile, you might think of kdp/Amazon as an avenue for authors to publish without upfront costs. If it weren’t for (and other such publishing services) there would be far fewer books available, all funneled through editorial filters that promote or reject manuscripts based on their own ideas. For example, years ago I wrote a book titled A Woman’s Guide to Awakening, based in the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths. An editor at a well-known Buddhist publishing house was very interested, but when she took it to committee, someone said they were uncomfortable looking at the Buddha’s teachings through a female lens.
Do you really think the amazing books that are published now addressing systemic racism would have been published a few years ago? Following trends and capitalizing on them is the nature of the publishing world. It’s an industry. It needs to make a profit.

“I can’t afford to buy books.”
Because I don’t need to make a profit, but use the dana I receive from students to fund projects to share the dharma, I was able to price this book at $8.00/print and $3.00/Kindle. As one reviewer said this is a book you will be reading over and over at different times in your life. It gets more valuable each time you read it, because you add in your findings that come from the prompts.

“I have a stack of books to get through first.”
I get that! But Asking In is not a ‘read-through’ book. It’s a little life companion to keep by your side. And right now is a great time to buy it, because I plan to offer a free companion Q & A discussion series for readers on Zoom, starting Tuesday, January 12th at 7 PM PT.

So, get your book now! And if you like it, please help others by writing a review, sharing this post with friends, and sharing it on social media.

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