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“At the center of your being, you have the answer.” – Lao Tzu
You may have noticed this quote sitting like the crown jewel on my website. The posts in the Unveiling Series bring us back again and again to the center of our being, anchored in the felt sense of this moment, just as it is.
Being fully present changes everything: It keeps us safer as we go about our lives. It keeps us connected, able to look people in the eyes and hear what they are saying. And it helps us engage in life with care and respect for all beings.

From the center of our being, the radiant alive pulsing breathing interconnected heart space, we have no need to go find ourselves. We don’t visualize ourselves as lone figures forced to traverse scary mental landscapes, struggling to reach some distant horizon that never gets any closer. We come home to the realization that we are expressions of life loving itself into being, blooming where we grow with nothing to prove and nothing to defend. The fleeting nature of life reminds us to stay present to savor it and contribute in beneficial ways from the bounty of our being. Just as we are.

From the center of our being, we can also skillfully explore our various veils of thought whenever we want. We can learn more about subjects that draw our interest. We might play with a veil in a creative way. And, if we feel troubled, we can explore knots in any of our veils of thoughts and emotions about ourselves, others, or the world. We can gently unravel those knots with lovingkindness, curiosity, a don’t-know mind, and a willingness to stay anchored in compassionate awareness, as we lay the veil out in front of us to explore and investigate. If we need help in doing so, we can seek professional guidance, but at least we know what it is we need to explore.

Time off from veil posting
Though my exploration of the Veil metaphor is far from over, I’m going to take a break from weekly posting for now. I will continue to teach, but in a looser format, meditating together, responding to my students’ questions, and perhaps collaborating creatively with other teachers. I may post an occasional poem of mine or something that is inspiring me, but I won’t be scheduling a weekly posting. This will give me time to organize the Unveiling Series and to see if it wants to become a book and/or an online course. This leads me to ask you for your feedback.

Please let me know your thoughts!
Has this metaphor of the veils become useful? Do you feel you understand it fully? What areas need clarification? Are there life challenges that haven’t been addressed? Would you be interested in seeing the Series organized and condensed into a particular form that might feel more accessible? Let me know! Either comment below or contact me through my website. All insights are appreciated.

There’s still plenty to read!
This time-out will give you time to catch up on past posts. Visit the Unveiling Series page or go to the Search (in the righthand column on any device other than phones where you’ll have to scroll for it) and see what comes up when you type in a word that’s relevant for you right now. There are over 600 posts on this website!!!!! Any related topic you put in will probably yield many posts to peruse.

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Thank you for following this blog. Be well. — Stephanie

Let me know your thoughts on this.

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