I am so very grateful for you!

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From our garden to you.

Thank you! Knowing that what I have to share in exploring the dharma together is read, thought about, shared, and discussed is the greatest gift anyone can give a writer or teacher.

I’ve written a lot of Thanksgiving dharma posts. Check them out for inspiration and a maybe laugh over what we thought was so challenging about gathering! As I glanced over some of them, I realized we always feel we are facing the most challenging time! This year is exceptional but it’s no exception to that rule.

For this unique COVID Thanksgiving, here’s a survival guide for us all:

  1. Remember that expressing love is taking a different form this year. Keeping our distance keeps us alive to hug another day. In the struggle between the heart and the mind, let the mind score the point this year, knowing it has all our loved ones’ best interests at heart.
  2. Let go of comparing mind. It just stirs up misery.
  3. Let go of the idea of ‘day’ and stick with each moment, noticing the beauty and joy here and now.
  4. Discover new traditions on this unusual Thanksgiving that might carryover to future Thanksgivings.
  5. Remember that for people all over the world, this is just an ordinary Thursday. Do something special that makes it Thanksgiving to you, and then let the rest of the day be ordinary. Fahgettaboudit.
  6. Think of the indigenous peoples freezing on Alcatraz in the middle of the San Francisco Bay, saying “It’s not THAT cold!” “Ho!” This less social day might be an opportunity to reflect on the history of this American tradition with all its ramifications.
  7. Create a personal Thanksgiving retreat. Meditate, read or listen to dharma talks, eat mindfully.
  8. Call someone who may be feeling isolated. Listen.
  9. Reach out by phone or Zoom to those you would normally spend this day with, but keep it short and heartfelt.
  10. Remember that we’re all in this together. We do this for ourselves and for each other.

Whatever you do, please stay well!
— with great gratitude, Stephanie

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