Happy hopeful Earth Day 2021

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Is it hope or is it looking around and seeing that there has been a sea change in how the majority of people, including many governments and corporations, are finally recognizing the climate crisis and seeing the importance of doing everything we can to address it? Better late than never!

Is this sea change real or is it greenwashing? A fad? Or did the pandemic put so many people into a holding pattern, giving them time to look around and see the clearer sky and water, and recognize our species horrendous impact on the environment? Whatever it is, I am grateful. And yes, more hopeful than I’ve been in decades about the possibility of humanity reversing its destructive course.

All week I’ve been reading articles that activate hope about the ways our governments and our corporations are beginning to address the crisis in the April 26 issue of Time magazine. Then this morning, Orion Magazine offered essays by wise thinker authors, including these excerpts:

“Humanity’s relation to the rest of life is unimaginably complex and includes the deepest of all mysteries on this planet. Those who embrace it own the gift of a bottomless well of hope.” – E.O. Wilson

“For us, all of life is being revealed in its insistence on wholeness: the organic interplay between our bodies, the natural world, the lives we make, the world we create.” – Krista Tippett

May this Earth Day rekindle our commitment now that, hopefully, we are not having to work against the powers that be, but with them. We can be the little tug boats that help steer the big ships in the harbor. Toot, toot! And of course we’ll double-check to make sure we are keeping our own vessels shipshape and not polluting the elements that sustain our lives.

Happy Earth Day!

Let me know your thoughts on this.

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