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If you have been enjoying the Unveiling Series and feel ready for an in-depth experience of releasing some of your veils as a way to transform your relationship with them, I offer the guided meditation below. Students in class found it to be a profoundly transformative, powerful, experiential culmination of the metaphor we have been exploring.

NOTE: Offering this guided meditation publicly on the internet, I have to trust in your judgment to know what you are ready for and whether this is appropriate for you. Please don’t do the exercise if you have any trepidation, if you had no experience with meditation, and if you are unfamiliar with my teachings on the metaphor of veils. Even if you are a fearless experienced meditator and have read all the previous posts on unveiling, if you do the guided meditation and at any time experience strong discomfort, please press pause and check in with yourself, then decide whether to proceed. Trust your own inner wisdom to know what you are ready for at this time. – SN

We’ve been exploring all kinds of veils we have about people we know and topics of interest. This guided meditation focuses on the veils we have woven about ourselves, our identity veils. I created and led this exercise decades ago, long before I developed the Unveiling Series. So I guess the metaphor of veils was always there, waiting for me to explore it more thoroughly. 

The guided meditation itself is under twelve minutes, but for best results, please give yourself time beforehand to meditate enough to quiet the mind and release tension, and then give yourself time to reflect and savor afterward. 

A guided meditation by Stephanie Noble

I hope you found the meditation valuable. Now give yourself time to enjoy the effects of the experience.

When you are ready, I would appreciate hearing about your experience in the comment space below.

Note: Although you may download the meditation for your offline use, if you want to share it, please share this page and not the audio file by itself so that the recipient of your thoughtfulness will receive the full guidance, my little caveat, and access to all the support that leads up to this experience in the form of the Unveiling Series. Thank you!


  1. Wonderful!
    Thank you Stephanie. Following your “Veils” this was a perfect way to round everything out. Just so happens the “Letting Go ” is what I’m really involved with right now and your words brought me insight and comfort.
    Also sent this to a friend who is dealing with a profound loss.
    Thank You.

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    1. Thanks for letting me know, Bill. I’m glad you found it insightful and comforting, and I appreciate your sharing it with your friend. I have a dharma talk prepared specifically about the veils and dealing with loss. Not sure when I’ll be giving it and posting it, but if you think it would help, email me and I’ll give you my notes. Meanwhile, we will be continuing to practice dancing with our veils, having found the inner light to let them be more diaphanous!


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