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We often think of the brain as the ‘operation central’ of our being. Maybe we even think of the brain as the self, the seat of consciousness. But as scientists look at the workings of the brain, they are finding that expanded states of consciousness record less activity in the brain, not more. As important as brain function is, it really isn’t who we are. 

With great gratitude for all the vital brain functions, we know that one of its key functions is to weave veils of thought. While these veils are often interesting and useful, they can become thickly knotted and blind us to this moment.

In meditation we are refocusing our attention, letting go of thought threads, letting the veils settle down much the way a swan settles its ruffled feathers. We’re not making an enemy of them, for they have their uses in life, just as the swan’s feathers serve an important purpose. But we are learning how to manage our veils, how to hold them lightly, how to dance with them, and how at times to let them go.

To aid in this process, here is a meditation that can help you settle down, release your dependence on the thinking mind, and let you rediscover the true center of your being.

In this meditation, we shift our attention from the weaving of thoughts to the sensations in the chest area, the heart space. When you think about it, this is really operation central. It’s where the lungs take in the air from the world and distribute oxygen into the blood, and where the heart pumps blood throughout the body. The lungs then release carbon dioxide out into the air to nourish plants that in turn release oxygen to nourish us and all mammals. This symbiotic relationship is one of many reminders that this body we call ‘me’ is not separate, but an intrinsic expression of life, loving itself into being.

Please set aside a quiet period with no devices or demands to give yourself the gift of this meditation.

Heartspace Meditation by Stephanie Noble

I hope you found this meditation beneficial.

When we can sense into the radiant heart, we sense our interconnection with all life. When we deeply understand our intrinsic interconnection with all life, we quite naturally live with wise intention, understanding how our words and actions radiate out and affect all life. 

When we deeply understand our intrinsic interconnection with all life, we quite naturally engage with wise effort, neither trying too hard nor trying to get away with doing less than is needed. We dance with the rhythm of all life, loving itself into being. 

When we deeply understand our intrinsic interconnection with all life, we understand the nature of impermanence and we learn the joy of holding all that arises in an open embrace, both loving and letting go. 

When we deeply understand our intrinsic interconnection with all life, then nature becomes our wisest teacher, always ready to share its wisdom, just waiting for us to pause, look, listen, touch, sense, and come home to ourselves just as we are.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

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